Made to measure

ANBUSH II – Ballistic home protection

  • Individual solutions according to Sk1Plus and STANAG 1.1g with ballistic systems for your doors, windows and walls
  • can be retrofitted
  • mobile
  • modular

Bullet resistance and shatter protection in residential areas, offices and public buildings often go hand in hand with complex and cost-intensive conversions. Depending on the level of protection, windows, doors and façades sometimes have to be completely refitted or replaced. In addition, user-friendliness is reduced.

The ANBUSH II bullet-resistant sliding curtain offers a solution here, as it can be easily integrated and retrofitted. At the same time, a high level of safety against dangerous flying fragments, such as those caused by bullets or explosions, is achieved without interfering with the existing glazing.
Manufactured to customer specifications in terms of design and finish, the ANBUSH II opaque curtain also provides visual protection for sensitive areas or against movement within the building when the windows are illuminated.
Another advantage is its temporary usability. Security in the event of bullets and splinters when it is needed, without having to permanently refit the outer skin.

Bullet-resistant ballistics for wall or door coverings

As emphasised with our ANBUSH II sliding curtain, we also offer wall or door coverings with the same bullet-resistant ballistics that can be easily mounted on the surface in question. This makes it possible to subsequently secure office and entrance doors as well as partition walls against flying fragments caused by explosions and bullets.

To round off our service, it is possible to obtain refined extreme textile with 1000N puncture resistance as a cover material and decorative fabric for your AN- BUSH II or for your wall and door coverings.

Standard thickness of 7.0mm corresponds to NIJ Level III A. The protective effect can also be increased accordingly by increasing the thickness. Standard basis weight approx. 4.2 kg/sqm.