Advantages of our ballistic protective waistcoats

Our ballistic protective waistcoats are characterised by a very high level of protection in relation to a very low body thickness.
Two protective structures are particularly in the foreground here: on the one hand our only 2.5mm thin structure according to Sk1 VPAM2 and our extremely powerful 4.5mm structure according to Sk1 Plus special protection test.
In addition, all ballistic inserts can be extended with a certified and very flexible stab protection system.

certified against the following projectiles:

  • SK1 Plus special protection test
  • extremely powerful 4.5 mm thin protective structure
  • 9mm full jacket DM 41 to 560m/s
  • >7.62 x 25 Tokarev up to 563 m/s – distance 5 m
  • 7.62 x 25 Tokarev up to 450 m/s – applied shot
  • 9×18 Makarov FE core up to 360 m/s
  • Cal. 357 partial jacket up to 430 m/s
  • Cal. 44 to 436 m/s
  • Cal. 40 / Cal. 38 Special / 9 mm
  • Luger / Action 4
  • High puncture protection due to the material.
  • Certified stab protection in combination with chain mesh
  • Splinter protection according to STANAG 1.1 g
  • SK1 VPAM2
  • very thin 2.5mm protective structure
  • 9.0 mm full jacket
  • 22 KK (small caliber)

In addition, the stab protection properties of our ballistic waistcoats can be maximised by retrofitting a chain mesh. All our products are manufactured and certified in Germany. There is a 10-year guarantee on the ballistics. Customised products and a larger ballistic area are available on request.

  • Ballistic custom-made products as well as custom-made products against cutting and stabbing weapons
  • Development of body protection systems with customers
  • Incorporation of the protective materials into the work clothing of the emergency services
  • Protective clothing for concealed wear in and under emergency clothing
  • certified cut and stab protection materials for arms (especially in the armpit area) as well as legs and abdomen
  • Incorporation of fastening systems (pockets, Velcro, buttons) for ballistic insoles

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